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George Adelbert Strong


 Description   Quantity 
Total Individuals 26,752  
Total Males 13,856 (51.79%)  
Total Females 12,734 (47.6%)  
Total Unknown Gender 162 (0.61%)  
Total Living 9,845  
Total Families 9,556  
Total Unique Surnames 4,627  
Total Photos 465  
Total Documents 45  
Total Headstones 275  
Total Histories 12  
Total Recordings 0  
Total Videos 11  
Total Census 14  
Total Draft Registration Cards 22  
Total Historical Maps 6  
Total Sources 945  
Average Lifespan1 65 years, 232 days  
Earliest Birth (John Count Of Tankerville 1040  

 Longest Lived1   Age 
Timothy Baker 137 years 121 days  
William Henry Conine 108 years 165 days  
John Root 106 years 343 days  
Amos Halladay 106 years 105 days  
Margaret Alberta Pope 106 years  
Valeria Pratt 106 years  
John Sly 105 years 7 days  
Florentine Sabina Baker 105 years  
Heinrich Philip 105 years  
Sarah Elizabeth Halladay 104 years 105 days  

1 Age-related calculations are based on individuals with recorded birth and death dates. Due to the existence of incomplete date fields(e.g., a death date listed only as "1945" or "BEF 1860"), these calculations cannot be 100% accurate.