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William Adelbert Strong   

Events on this day in Our Family History - Last Updated 29, 2020

12 Aug 2020
Philena Carpenter - 1771
Jacob Fultz - 1786
Mary Craft - 1791
Peter Daniel Conine - 1799
Harlow Hamilton Halladay - 1816
Hannah Curtis - 1820
David Wilkie - 1823
Levi Warner Halladay - 1830
Laura Rosina Halladay - 1838
William Edward Coon - 1869
Austin - 1894
Edward Lawrence Judd Halladay - 1896
Helen Beryl Halladay - 1909
Helen Gertrude Moore - 1909
Verna Halladay - 1912
Leslie Hammond Snyder - 1917

12 Aug 2020
Charles Parmelee married Addie Sims - 1902
Newton Sobeski Knapp married Nancy Halladay - 1906
Arthur Gerald Bos married Nellie Vandenberg - 1935

12 Aug 2020
Jacob Adams - 1649
Holliday - 1816
Holliday - 1816
Sarah Murphy - 1854
Mary Elizabeth Harris - 1874
Harmonus Haskins - 1874
Orange Sampson - 1903
D. Anton Dickersbach - 1910
Cornelia "Kriena" Gast - 1913
Walter Haskins - 1918
John William Strong - 1925
Charles Freeman Lester McLeod - 1957
Russell Halladay Washburn - 1961
Shirley Madaline Baker - 1978
Marion Arvilla Culp - 1979
William H. Strong - 1986
William Henry Pratt - 1986
Ronald Allan Mac Nab - 1992
David Edgar Halladay - 1994
Lawrence Kittrick Hartman - 1997
Mary Chloe Stears - 1999
Drexel Clement Swartwood - 2003
William Kersten - 2011
John Kersten - 2011

Random Document
Marriage Certificate of William Henry Hill and Helen Susan Mater
Marriage Certificate of William Henry Hill and Helen Susan Mater

Top 10 Surnames
  1. Halladay (1881)
  2. Stevens (450)
  3. Strong (313)
  4. Pratt (278)
  5. Conine (258)
  6. Jones (230)
  7. Smith (202)
  8. Washburn (196)
  9. Miller (128)
  10. Brown (124)

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  Bronson Hospital, Kalamazoo, Michigan about 1909

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Welcome to the R G Strong Family Genealogy website.

I have been researching and collecting information on my family tree for over 30 years and it has been growing steadily for the last 25 years after I first went on line with my first tree of about 5000 names. Since then my database has grown to well over 20,000 individuals.
I am looking for the ancestors of my G-G-Grandparents William Adelbert STRONG and Mary Polly WENRICH who were born in Mifflin Co., PA in 1825-1829 and any of their descendants. Recent DNA Studies have shown that my STRONG ancestors original Surname may have been STRANG, and may have originated in Scotland and that we are most likely descended from James "Schim" Strong of the York, PA Strongs. Read the theory about this connection, and see the results of this DNA study. In the study my kit number is 16001 and is listed under the group "Strange of Balkaskie of Scotland". So if you know of any STRANG decendants from PA or CT, then we may be connected.

On my maternal side I am looking for ancestors and descendants of Walter HALLADAY b. 1640 who settled in Simsbury,CT.
I am looking for the following surnames and hope you can help or I can help you.
STRONG/STRANG, HALLADAY (all forms of the spelling), SKELTON, PRATT, CONINE, KEMPLE, & CULP. The main migration routes were from PA=>OH=>MI and VT=>CT=>NY=>CANADA=>MI

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