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 Cool Links

Cool Links

I Am Addicted To Genealogy Ribbon

Digitizing Family Document Many thank to John Oaks for that link.

Researching Your Family's History from Ships Passenger Lists This link and the following link provided to you from Payton, a student volunteer at the Hastings Recreation Center in Minnesota!

Genealogy for Kids: Building a Family Tree Thank you Payton and Mrs. Lisa Echevarria, Program Director of the Hastings Recreation Center. 5 May 2023.

A Genealogy Guide Check out this blog post from "The Hub Post" edition dated December 24, 2019 and
Genealogy Research Strategies This is a very informative resource guide.
Both articles above were written by a professional genealogist, then rewritten by a professional writer. Provided by James Cali 13 Jan 2020.

KnowYourDNAKnowYourDNA If you need to know more on DNA Testing then check out this site from founder Diane Moore! "Know Your DNA, Know Your History, Let us help you make a more informed DNA testing choice."

Family TreemakerFamily Treemaker

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

A big shout out and "high-fives" to Mentor and Tutor Courtney Phillips and her class for the link to History-at-Home-A-Guide-to-Genealogy. Enjoy!

Visit A Brief History of Windmills in the New World to see a little history of the Daniel Halladay who designed the first commercially successful new windmill in the New World.

Check out this link for a map and history of Elgin.

Brothers Keeper logoBrother's Keeper This is John Steeds Web Page, the author of the Brothers Keeper Genealogy program.

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