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George Adelbert Strong


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 #   Repository ID   Name 
1 R1779 AIM Media Midwest 
2 R746 Amy Connolly 
3 R7 Ancestry 
4 R806 Ann M. Boellstorff-Williams 
5 R624 Arlene Gregoire 
6 R601 Ashton Cemetery 
7 R98 Barbara Sepos 
8 R681 Battle Creek Enquire.com 
9 R325 Beard Cemetery 
10 R1648 Bella Vista Funeral Home and Crematory, Inc. 
11 R635 Blake Carson 
12 R122 Brent Culp 
13 R8 Br°derbund Software, Inc. 
14 R1305 Cadillac News 
15 R1108 CanadianHeadstones.com 
16 R1238 Catherine Fitzgerald 
17 R701 Charlotte Teepell 
18 R702 Cheri Astrahan 
19 R655 Chris Elliott 
20 R1501 Clark County Public Library 
21 R93 Claudia Cox Welton 
22 R1175 Clerk of the Superior Court of Maricopa County 
23 R6 Connecticut State Library 
24 R1212 Constantine Township Cemetery 
25 R126 Corry Russell Strong 
26 R707 Cris Holmes 
27 R1279 Darrell Halladay 
28 R1244 Debbie Weber 
29 R828 Denver James 
30 R678 Dianne Lee 
31 R102 Duane Robert Stevens 
32 R1844 Edge Halladay 
33 R871 Eickhoff Funeral Home 
34 R287 Eileen Keating 
35 R1777 Eley Funeral Homes, Inc. 
36 R97 Elkhart County Clerks Office 
37 R5 Family History Library 
38 R377 Find A Grave 
39 R41 Frank R. Anderson 
40 R1910 Frank van de Velde 
41 R1051 Genealogy Bank 
42 R205 Genealogy.com 
43 R67 GenealogyLibrary.com 
44 R688 George Halladay 
45 R357 Georgia Hense 
46 R1003 Google Books 
47 R1874 Halbritter Wickens Funeral Services 
48 R869 Halladay Burial Grounds 
49 R283 Harmon Halladay Cemetery 
50 R738 Hollis Nobel 

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