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George Adelbert Strong

Margarette Ellen "Maggie" Strong

Margarette Ellen "Maggie" Strong

Female 1915 - 1952  (36 years)Deceased


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BLACKNEY, Margaret Ellen nee STRONG

Arthur David  Blackney Margarette Ellen  Strong
BLACKNEY, Margaret Ellen nee STRONG

Status: Located

Media TitleBLACKNEY, David Arthur and Margaret Ellen nee STRONG
Media NotesD. A. Art, 1907-1974, and M. E. Maggie, 1915-1952
Owner of originalRussell G. Strong
DateJul 2007
PlaceGalesburg, Kalamazoo, MI
File nameblackney.JPG
File Size130.92k
Dimensions640 x 480
Linked toDavid Arthur "Art" Blackney (Burial); Margarette Ellen "Maggie" Strong (Burial)

Oakgrove Cemetery, Galesburg, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Notes: The Oak Grove Cemetery is located in Comstock Township West of 36th Street North, between Gale Street and HJ Avenue, just inside Galesburg Town limits.

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1Oakgrove Cemetery Oakgrove Cemetery